On the outside, Karen’s life looks good. In private, she shakes her head and asks, “Why do I feel so bad?” She’s tired after a restless night of worrying about what could happen to her health, children, family, job, classes — everything! Imagined and angry conversations with those who have hurt her occupy her thoughts. Looking at Facebook makes her wonder what she is doing wrong and why everyone else seems so content and successful. In family pictures, she looks happy, but she remembers the inner distress at the time each was taken. Karen suffers from headaches and tension in her neck and back. It’s often difficult to concentrate. She is easily on edge and irritated. Most evenings, she puts on her pajamas and hides in a TV show. She eats or drinks too much and then feels terrible about her body. Karen believes it’s obvious to others just how lonely and uncomfortable she feels. She tries to diagnose herself by searching the web for symptoms wondering why she is weak and doesn’t deal well with life and if she is chemically off or even crazy.

Do you ever feel like Karen? Many women spend days, months, even years feeling great discomfort in their own minds and bodies. They live with anxiety, fear, a sense of impending disaster, and an overall feeling of being trapped. Are you ready for a change because you are:

  • stuck in anxiety and longing to learn new ways to think and live your life?

  • uncomfortable in your own skin and fearing you’ll feel this way forever?

  • feeling like you are your own worst enemy and questioning if you are living life “right”?

  • tired of holding yourself back from success because it’s scary?

  • longing to feel grateful and happy?

We can’t always change our life circumstances, but we can learn to find peace in the midst of them. Sometimes what needs to change most is our way of viewing the world. I can help you do this through changing unhealthy ways of thinking and learning how to quiet anxiety. This, in turn, will help you feel and act better. Together, we can put an end to comparisons, anxious thoughts, imagined conversations, and nights waking up to sugar sweats and eating regrets. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who offers proven counseling techniques, personal experience, and a faith perspective that will help you find the freedom you desire. I am happy to talk with you wherever you are in your faith journey without the need to convince you otherwise.

Please call me at (210) 626-8783. Let’s get started helping you feel happier and healthier so you can enjoy the life you’ve been given!

Address:  12130 Arbor Mesa, San Antonio, TX 78249

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Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 10 to 5 p.m.

Fee: $110 per 50-minute counseling session

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